Brett Lee - Key information Info
Kate' Breakouts -

So what did you do at school today?
This breakout was suitable for Juniors - Middles. A wide variety of ideas on using ICT in the classroom.

The Thinker's Toolbox
A range of resources and ideas to create your own thinkers toolbox. All levels
Thinkers Toolbox

Microsoft free resources
Didnt know all these were free (will add link)

Activinspire Software - Inspire me Literacy
a variety of ways to use the interactive whiteboard for literacy for juniors and seniors.
Let the students use the IW.
Another activinspire breakout on ideas for the interactive whiteboard. I would be keen to run a session on what I have learned. let me know if you are interested

More bling for your blogBlog link

Mel's Breakouts 2011

Book Talks - Linking classrooms with authors Book Talk Website

Thinkers Toolbox - Ideas for making a toolbox of thinking for your classroom. Well worth a look. Thinkers Toolbox

Student Voice: Powerful Learning for All (Joan Dalton ) - Ways to give students a voice in the classroom.

So What did you do at school today? - Show cased a range of simple ideas that you can use in the junior area of the school.

What does self directed learning look like in 2011 - Presentation on what self directed learning is about

iMovie - Tricks and tips about the new imovie in iLife.